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The largest creative and tech freelancer platform in the UK.

YunoJuno help's the country’s most innovative organisations (be that in marketing, technology, brands or startups) connect with over 20,000 of the UK’s top creative and tech freelance talent. Since incorporation in 2012, YunoJuno has managed a quarter-of-a-billion pounds in freelancer engagements and payments.

IR35 Safe by YunoJuno is a dedicated solution for companies to navigate and manage the upcoming changes to the UK tax legislation for contingent labour.

All your freelancers,
in one place.

Access real-time data and insights directly from your personal dashboard and enjoy full visibility of your freelance workforce.

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Getting started with IR35. Why it's worth being in front of the changes.

What is IR35?
What makes someone a ‘disguised employee’?
What changes are coming?
What do these changes mean for your businesses and freelance contractors?
Are there any exemptions for IR35 regulations?
What are the risks for non-compliance?

People Say About Us

Previously, IPG had 212 different recruiters on our books. Implementing YunoJuno has enabled IPG to reduce the number of agencies to 45 within six months and reduce recruitment agency fees by 42%.”

Ludvik Thorsteinsson
IPG Sourcing & Procurement Lead EMEA, APAC & LATAM

I’m frustrated that we haven’t implemented YunoJuno before now. Not only has it simplified our freelance recruitment, but the tracking elements (and obvious cost-saving benefits) mean that freelancers have a better experience which is crucial to our client brand.

Matt Jordan
Head of Talent Acquisition - Ogilvy & Mather Group

It has decreased the time needed increasing the quality of the freelancers. I think we will never go back to the old recruiting model anymore!

Celeste Ortega
Head of Project Management - The Tin

YunoJuno's all encompassing freelance recruitment and management tool leaves little to be desired. The user experience is slick and intuitive with a harmonious marriage to functionality.

Blaise Hypolite
Production Traffic Manager - McCann London

YunoJuno is the only way to find freelance resource - top quality candidates, low rates, and no nagging calls from recruiters.

Alex Matthews
Managing Director - Dynamic (JCDeacaux)

YunoJuno has created a product and recruitment process which benefits both the freelancer and the employer in equal measure. Packaged in a simple and user friendly interface

Alice Johnson
Operations Manager - FullSIX

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